How does a Web-based "Business Solution" differ from a web site?

A Web-site communicates information, or sells products, or has a special role specific to a purpose. Web-based “Business Solutions” are the applications that a company needs to run it's business. When those applications are designed to be run on the web, then they are Web-based Business Solutions. A systemic approach to what you need to run your business, using the World Wide Web to give your business the reach it needs to your customers, your employees and suppliers. Togethersoft specializes in Web Based Business Solutions.

Why do "off-the-shelf" eCommerce packages often need integration?

Because at the price points they represent great value, but they don't always do everything that you need or want them to do. This may surprise a new buyer but there is a big integration business surrounding packaged storefront implementations. Many Web Designers are looking for the functionality of eCommerce for the mundane chores that they don't want to do. But they still want to do the creative layout "their" way! They may have designs that don't easily fit into the ecommerce package, or may already have a Database, or want to integrate to multiple databases, or their suppliers data bases.

Product presentation can be everything in an eCommerce application, and web designers may have their own ideas. Either outside professional designs, or complex designs of their own, or advanced solutions rich in multimedia. Togethersoft leverages a Web Designer's skills by allowing skillful designs from many sources to be utilized in a variety of storefronts. Leaving eCommerce chores to chosen components, and the creativity to the Web designer.

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