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Mediagistic brings decades of experience, in all forms of marketing, to their customers in one complete package. Mediagistic works with medium to large businesses in competitive industries to help them get to market with greater speed and results.

Togethersoft works in a key role with Mediagistic to develop visionary IT systems that are seamlessly integrated with “best of breed” technology components, to provide innovative market solutions that cannot be purchased “off the shelf” by their competitors. Togethersoft helps Mediagistic bring unique competitive advantage to the market fast.

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E~SeaRider came up with a very creative way to assist shoppers  in selecting and choosing the configurations  they wanted. A better idea  that helped customers buy easier.  But a great idea that did not fit into eCommerce packages.  

Plug-n-Sell was perfect for them. They sell “their way”, and  Plug-n-Sell handles  all the eCommerce chores for them, as an extension of their application, without the need for an eCommerce package.

Welcome to Togethersoft

Our software and services give you help where you need it. Help that you were looking for and typically couldn't find! Our creative integration can cleverly add high value low cost packaged components that you need which are not supported by the rest of your environment. We develop the other customization that are not available in packaged solutions.

We add the dimension that allows the rest of your software to work the way you want it to. Like providing a better order processing backend, with management of process-flow and full integration to QuickBooks or ACT sales automation. Or Plug-n-Sell functionality, which ecommerce enables existing Dreamweaver or Expression Web websites to utilize more compelling and professionally designed ecommerce presentations, your way! Or ASPNitro.net which dramatically improves performance for your ASP.net web sites. Whatever the components, we provide the custom integration to integrate your business the way you want it run. These things and more, Togethersoft solutions that helps the rest of your software go where you want it to go.

You Will Be Amazed

You will be amazed at how much our integration services and software do for so little! Don't be deceived by the low price, these products and integration services deliver. Surprising power is unleashed with our simple novel approaches. Not something you "convert" to. They work together with what you already have, Dreamweaver, QuickBooks, ACT, ASP.net, your data, your designs, your storefront, to let you do what you want to do.

Togethersoft's way of leveraging what you already have to get where you want to go!

There are many very talented developers with creative ideas that give them an edge in the eCommerce market. Who need to incorporate their own designs, with media-rich professional graphic arts design skills, or professionally designed templates. Who just need the eCommerce chores done. With Togethersoft we leverage your skills, without you having to give up the creative freedom you prize to someone else's idea of how to do things. Which restrict your design choices by "taking over" the architecture of your site!

The monolithic application often tries to do all things, none of them extremely well. For example, many would rather have accounting and inventory done in QuickBooks, checkout and Merchant Services done by Google, along with powerful multi-media Web Designs done directly in Dreamweaver or Expression Web, with a good storefront backend. We make that happen in a seamless and fully integrated way. The Togethersoft way!

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